Dr Anthony Cole

BA (Hons) 1st class, PhD
Downloadable content

The ‘downloads’ menu on the home page of this website provides access to PDF versions of my (i) curriculum vitae, (ii) compendiums of publications and academic writing, (iii) professional profile statements and (iv) teaching philosophy. The availability of a downloadable ‘teaching philosophy statement’ is also a new development in terms of our ‘broader’ involvement in transdisciplinary approaches to education. While I have spoken much publicly (in workshops and presentations) over the last 5-6 years about transdisciplinary education, I have not had the luxury of time to sit and put this thinking to paper. Indeed, this is one of our current development goals and priorities. A useful place to start this writing process seemed to be in the articulation of a transdisciplinary ‘teaching philosophy’ statement. As noted above, this document is now available for download and provides a useful read on the theory/literature/thinking beyond our interests in this area.

During the remainder of this year I will be seeking to add further downloadable content to this site, especially to references located in the ‘publications’ menu. Don’t forget that the ‘navigation’ menu provides hyperlink access to all of the websites across the Pansophy network.

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