Dr Anthony Cole

BA (Hons) 1st class, PhD

The crisis of capitalism by David Harvey, 26th April 2010

This utube video by David Harvey was recommended to me by a friend. Its well worth a watch as it provides a number of fascinating recent historical insights into the behaviour

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Downloadable content

The ‘downloads’ menu on the home page of this website provides access to PDF versions of my (i) curriculum vitae, (ii) compendiums of publications and academic writing, (iii) professional profile statements

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Game park near Durban, South Africa

This photograph was taken in the late afternoon as the sun was setting. The location is a game park in a rural location outside of Durban, South Africa. After attending

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Volcanic ridge line, Totoya, Lau Islands, Fiji

This photograph was taken during my 6 week stay on the beautiful Figian island of Totoya (1994). Sitting alongside me is Nadi, who was my helper  as I carried out vegetation

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PhD research in the Fiji Islands

This is a photograph of the Alpheraus, the survey vessel of the University of the South Pacific. The photograph was taken in the early morning light on route to the

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